LLC Termination VS Dissolution The terms termination and dissolution use identically with separate lawful meanings. LLC termination or dissolution means to close the operations of an LLC legally. They both take time and are complex to cease the Limited Liability Company. But first, it’s crucial to comprehend the distinction between termination and dissolution. However, both have individual distinctions and rules for closing the company and distributing assets to members. In this article, let’s comprehend both terms in detail.

Difference Between LLC Termination vs Dissolution

The Termination of a Limited Liability Company indicates that the company no longer exists. It is the final step to discontinue the relationship of LLC between all members. And to distribute all the assets among the members. In contrast, dissolution is the last act to close a company that no longer wants to continue a business.

What Is The Process Of Dissolution?

This process depends on the LLC register state and members’ vote. The dissolution vote takes on the members’ written consent or through voting at a members’ meeting.  The member’s sign, date, and approval are incorporated in the written consent. This approval includes the Limited Liability Company name, date of vote dissolution, and the vote of each member.  Each member of the LLC is responsible for completing the LLC’s dissolution paperwork and closing down the business. The wind-up affairs are to collect assets and pay off all debts and liabilities. Also, to distribute the asset among members of the Limited Liability Company.

Steps Involve In LLC Dissolution Process

Here are the typical steps to follow to dissolve an LLC:
  1. Dissolve the LLC by filing the necessary documentation with the relevant authorities. Articles of Dissolution and Certificate of Dissolution are also typical names for this document.
  2. To notify all shareholders, send a notice to all known creditors, or publish a notice in a local newspaper. 
  3. Liquidate the Limited Liability Company’s assets and disseminate them to the members. 
  4. Close official bank accounts and withdraw any business licenses or credentials associated with the LLC.

What Is The Process Of Termination?

To legally liquidate and allocate assets to all members involved in the termination process. All assets of the LLC distribute as per the Operating Agreement or through members’ vote. The first step in dissolving a limited liability company is to submit a dissolution request. And the notice officially files to the State Secretary, where the LLC exists.  When the notice of information completes, the LLC terminates. This termination notice is sent to creditors, and the asset distributes to all the members of the Limited Liability Company.

Steps Involve In the LLC Termination Process

Here are the few steps to terminate a LLC:
  1. A resolution to dissolve the company must be approved by the board of directors.
  2. All company assets are required to be sold, and the earnings are used to pay off creditors.  
  3. A liquidator nominates to lead the process, and the remaining assets are allocated among the shareholders.  

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LLC Termination vs Dissolution

There are only a few distinctions between the termination and dissolution of a Limited Liability Company. Both involve winding up a company affair and dissolving the legal entity. Let’s consider both differences in detail.

1- The Feasibility

The main difference is feasibility; it usually occurs when the company is no longer profitable or viable. In contrast, dissolution can transpire for various reasons.

2- Company Status

Termination generally refers to the end of the company’s presence. In comparison, dissolution refers to the end of the company’s legal status. 

4- Article of Organization

Termination refers to the parting of the articles of the organization. It can be a judicial dissolution or voluntary. Dissolution is based on members’ votes, court orders, or the articles of organization.

5- Asset Distribution

Termination generally allocates the company’s assets among shareholders, while dissolution typically concludes with liquidation and distributes the company’s assets to its creditors.

Membership Vote of LLC Termination vs Dissolution

No majority vote is required in each case, although the LLC’s operating agreement may require a supermajority or unanimous vote. If the LLC terminates, the members may vote to disband the Limited Liability Company. On the other hand, when the LLC dissolves, the asset is distributed according to the operating agreement.

Documents of Limited Liability Company

Members must file certain documents with the state to terminate or dissolve the Limited Liability Company. Including a Certificate of Cancellation or Certificate of Dissolution. And a final tax return to pay exceptional taxes of LLC.

Tax Payments of Termination vs Dissolution

To terminate and dissolve the LLC, it must pay all taxes and fees owed to the state. And need to file final tax returns and pay off the outstanding debts and obligations to creditors.

The Event of Termination Vs Dissolution

The termination of a Limited Liability Company occurs when the LLC members agree to disband it. In comparison, the dissolution of an LLC is when it ceases to exist. It may be caused by the death or incapacity of a member, the LLCs expiry, or the company’s bankruptcy.

The Final Words – LLC Termination vs Dissolution

There is no fundamental distinction between the dissolution and termination of a limited liability company. In such cases, terminating the LLC generally refers to ending the company’s presence. Due to the extinction of its contractual term. 
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