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Zac Park
“I was trying to figure out how to separate liability between my company and myself. I knew I needed to shut down but our lawyers were going to charge so much to close our business. Goodbye Startup was a literal lifesaver. I estimate they saved me $17,000.”
Sam Buff
“Having been through YCombinator, you think you have all the resources at your fingertips. One part of a startup that isn’t often discussed is shutting down. Goodbye Startup made this process seamless.”
Andrew Pho
“Shutting down your company is a tough decision. It sucks to be honest. At least Goodbye Startup makes the process painless and unless a software driven approach. I could not imagine having to send dozens of documents back and forth with lawyers. It would have sucked even more! Thank you for saving my ass!”
Jacob Gersch
“Having raised more than $17m for our startup and having a fairly complex cap table, I was not looking forward to figuring out how to return the capital we had left. Goodbye Startup figured this out in one click. That alone probably saved me days of time and hassle getting wire information from our investors.”

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Whether your business is an LLC or Corporation, we have custom solutions that fit every situation. Stop wasting precious time and money with expensive lawyers.
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Feel good about your next chapter ourselves. Be ready for your next big thing!
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