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  1. Use our software to get every form you need to complete your business closure and instructions on how to file.
  2. Only integrated software solution on the market.
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  1. Complete Hands Off Solution, Our Team Handles Everything Expect Bankruptcy For You
  2. Everything in DIY except we fill out all the paperwork and file it for you.
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Capital Return
  1. Everything in DIFY plus we handle the process of returning investor capital.
  2. Our software automates the process of calculating payouts based on your cap table, getting wire information from investors, and sending those wires.
*Do It For You
  1. If you have debt, bankruptcies (Ch. 7 or 11) are necessary and expensive.
  2. Everything in our DIFY plan + the bankruptcy part.
Most lawyers will charge upwards of $25,000 to process a bankruptcy

Have Questions? Here are Some Answers:

What are the articles of dissolution?
It's the form that lets the state know your business is officially dissolving. Articles of dissolution are required for most business types, such as LLCs and corporations. If you have a sole proprietorship—an unincorporated business that you run and own alone—there's no need to file if you stop doing business.
What happens if I don’t dissolve my business?
You'll still be obligated to file reports, pay taxes, and more. If you don't dissolve and fail to meet those obligations, you could face fines, penalties, and the loss of your personal liability protection.
How much does it cost to use your service?
We have different packages depending on your needs. If you are just looking to shut a LLC or Corporation, we charge $149+ state filing fees. If you are looking for help to process a bankruptcy and return funds to your investors, we charge a bit more.
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How long will it take to process the articles of dissolution?
Normally, we review and file your dissolution paperwork in one business day. However, the governing state agency might take some time to approve it; the timeline varies by state. In our experience, it usually takes one to six weeks for the request to be processed. Our team will help you to avoid any errors in your paperwork in order to have your case processed as quickly as possible.
How many companies have you worked with?
We’ve Helped 7,953+ Startups Smoothly Shutdown
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