How to Dissolve an LLC in Missouri Do you want to know how to dissolve an LLC in Missouri? Dissolving a limited liability company in Missouri might be necessary for you for several reasons. Perhaps the business has been discontinued or is no longer profitable. Maybe the members have disagreements that can’t be resolved. Or maybe you want to move on to something bigger and better. No matter what the reasons for dissolving an LLC are, you can dissolve it by taking the necessary steps. This guide will give you a roadmap for dissolving a limited liability company in the State of Missouri. And we’ll also share with you the quickest and easiest way to dissolve an LLC.  

How to Dissolve An LLC in Missouri: Step By Step

Wrapping Up the LLC’s Affairs and Operations

The first step to dissolving a Missouri LLC is to pay off all business debts and settle outstanding accounts. It includes any liabilities your members may have, and you’ve to pay off all state outstanding taxes. Also, make sure your LLC also paid federal tax. Your LLC may be subject to collective acts if you still need to pay off your debts.  The next step is to distribute any remaining assets to LLC members. It includes any property, equipment, or money your Limited Liability Company has. You should also close any business accounts of your LLC. All the business registration licenses should also be canceled. You also need to notify creditors that you are dissolving your LLC.

Articles of Termination

It is necessary to file Articles of Termination with the Missouri Secretary of State and pay the required filing fee in order to dissolve an LLC in the state. The Limited Liability Company must also notify the Department of Revenue about dissolution. And the members have to approve a plan of dissolution.  The dissolution plan of an LLC can be made at a members’ meeting or by a written unanimous consent agreement. Once the plan of dissolution is approved, the Limited Liability Company must file a certificate of dissolution with the Missouri Secretary of State. 

How to File The Missouri LLC Dissolution Form?

You can get the LLC’s dissolution form from the Missouri Secretary of State or by clicking here. The Missouri Secretary of State’s office is where you must submit your documentation. You must include the following information in your dissolution form: 
  • The name of your Limited Liability Company and the date of formation.
  • The address and name of the Limited Liability Company’s registered agent.
  • The name and address of your LLC’s members.
  • Confirmation that the LLC has ceased operations.
  • A notice that the LLC pays all debts and settled all accounts.
  • A report that your Missouri LLC has distributed all its assets to its members.
  • A statement that your Limited Liability Company has notified its creditors about the dissolution. 
After you file your dissolution form, your LLC will officially dissolve.

How To Dissolve Foreign LLC In Missouri?

When a foreign LLC does business in Missouri, it must file an Application for an Authority Certificate with the Missouri Secretary of State.  Dissolution of the Foreign Limited Liability Company requires the filing of a Certificate of Cancellation with the Missouri Secretary of State. It also notifies the Missouri Department of Revenue about its dissolution. In that case, the Department of Revenue will cancel the LLC’s tax registration.

Here’s How Goodbye Startup Can Make It Easier For You to Dissolve Your LLC in Missouri Without Any Hassle

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Reasons to Dissolve an LLC in Missouri   

The reasons to dissolve a Missouri LLC may include the LLC is no longer operating, the LLC owes money to creditors, the members of the LLC have decided to dissolve the business, the Limited Liability Company’s articles of organization expiring, the stated purpose is accomplished, the LLC cannot pay its debts and liabilities, or the Limited Liability Company is ordered to be dissolved by a court.  

Reasons For Involuntary LLC Dissolution In Missouri  

There are a few reasons why a Missouri Limited Liability Company might be involuntarily dissolved:  
  1. If the LLC fails to file its annual report with the Missouri Secretary of State.
  2. A failure to pay the annual franchise tax by the LLC.
  3. If it is found that the Limited Liability Company’s articles of organization are invalid.
  4. If the LLC has been inactive for two years or more. 

Conclusion: How to Dissolve An LLC in Missouri

The dissolution of an LLC in Missouri requires the approval of all company members. The company must provide the Secretary of State with the Articles of Dissolution, including the company name, date of dissolution, and the signatures of all members.     If you still have any confusion about dissolving your LLC in Missouri, feel free to contact the experts at Goodbye Startup.   
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