Here’s How Goodbye Startup Works

Goodbye Startup is the only complete tech-enabled bankruptcy process available. We use a combination of software and expert help to ensure you have the smoothest process when closing your business.

Find a Plan that Works for You
Whether your business is an LLC or Corporation, we have custom solutions that fit every situation. Stop wasting precious time and money with expensive lawyers.

We know it’s a tough but necessary decision.

Being startup founders ourselves that have shutdown businesses, we know how stressful it was working with lawyers through a lengthy closure process. We created Goodbye Startup to make the closure process hassle free.

It’s Time to Move On, We Are Here For YOU.

Zac Park
“I was trying to figure out how to separate liability between my company and myself. I knew I needed to shut down but our lawyers were going to charge so much to close our business. Goodbye Startup was a literal lifesaver. I estimate they saved me $17,000.”
Sam Buff
“Having been through YCombinator, you think you have all the resources at your fingertips. One part of a startup that isn’t often discussed is shutting down. Goodbye Startup made this process seamless.”
Andrew Pho
“Shutting down your company is a tough decision. It sucks to be honest. At least Goodbye Startup makes the process painless and unless a software driven approach. I could not imagine having to send dozens of documents back and forth with lawyers. It would have sucked even more! Thank you for saving my ass!”
Jacob Gersch
“Having raised more than $17m for our startup and having a fairly complex cap table, I was not looking forward to figuring out how to return the capital we had left. Goodbye Startup figured this out in one click. That alone probably saved me days of time and hassle getting wire information from our investors.”

Why It’s Necessary to Close Your Business

Avoid fees and taxes

Until you dissolve your business, you’re still on the hook for the fees and taxes that come with operating it.

Put creditors on notice

After settling your final bills, formally dissolving lets creditors know your business can’t incur future debts.

States require it

If you’re winding down your company, you also need to dissolve it officially with the state you operate in.

Get Started in One Minute

  1. Answer 3 simple questions about your business.
  2. Our experts will review your answers and prepare the appropriate paperwork.
  3. We cut through the bureaucracy and file the dissolution paperwork directly with the state.
  4. Your business is now officially closed!
Start Process
7,953+ Startups Smoothly Shutdown

Included in Each Service

Same-Day Processing

Your file will be reviewed the same day you order. We pride ourselves on speed.

IRS Dissolution Notification

With your consent, we will notify the IRS that you are no longer in business.

Dedicated Specialists

Our business specialists are ready to provide you with guidance and support.

Data Sync

With your consent, we can sync with your financial data and cap table to easily fill out necessary forms on your behalf.

Return of Capital

If you are returning capital to investors, our system can automatically process the transfers.

Tax Resolution

Our team contacts the state you are operating in and incorporated in to ensure no additional tax is due.

Let’s Face It, This is the Right Thing to Do for YOU!

As founders ourselves, we have faced business shutdowns and bankruptcy. Having worked with stress inducing lawyers before, we built Goodbye Startup to make the process as easy as possible. In our last business, we spent nearly $27,000 shutting down our company.

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Have Questions? Here are Some Answers:

What are the articles of dissolution?
It's the form that lets the state know your business is officially dissolving. Articles of dissolution are required for most business types, such as LLCs and corporations. If you have a sole proprietorship—an unincorporated business that you run and own alone—there's no need to file if you stop doing business.
What happens if I don’t dissolve my business?
You'll still be obligated to file reports, pay taxes, and more. If you don't dissolve and fail to meet those obligations, you could face fines, penalties, and the loss of your personal liability protection.
How much does it cost to use your service?
We have different packages depending on your needs. If you are just looking to shut a LLC or Corporation, we charge $149+ state filing fees. If you are looking for help to process a bankruptcy and return funds to your investors, we charge a bit more.
See what plan is right for you
How long will it take to process the articles of dissolution?
Normally, we review and file your dissolution paperwork in one business day. However, the governing state agency might take some time to approve it; the timeline varies by state. In our experience, it usually takes one to six weeks for the request to be processed. Our team will help you to avoid any errors in your paperwork in order to have your case processed as quickly as possible.
How many companies have you worked with?
We’ve Helped 7,953+ Startups Smoothly Shutdown
I have more questions?
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